Soteria $1,000,000 Cover Reward Campaign

2 min readFeb 10, 2021

You buy the cover, we pay the bill! Up to 1M USD in $wSOTE up for grabs!

Dear Soteria Community,

To celebrate that the active cover amount on Soteria now exceeds 1M USD, we are hosting the Soteria $1M Cover Amount Reward Program!

How to take part:

  1. Buy your cover with $BNB or $SOTE at
  2. Post a screenshot of your cover and paste your purchasing address on Twitter with the following tags #Soteria1MReward #Soteria #BSC
  3. Tag 3 friends
  4. Follow Twitter @SoteriaFinance @BinanceChain and join Telegram
  5. We will send the reward in $SOTE directly to your account based on the amount of cover you bought.
  6. The maximum amount per cover is 20,000 USD.
  7. 10 Lukcy winners will receive $500 prize each.


For Cover ID 214, we will reward the purchasing address 1.45 SOTE for each SOTE used.

For Cover ID 215, we will reward the purchasing address the reward amount of 0.14 SOTE for each SOTE used.

Soteria Mutual reserves the right to change or amend the promotion at any time.

Good luck!